Friday, April 27, 2012

Well we went to the Arboretum today in Osan with the Home school group we road with the  Cunningham's! We had a great time and so did the Kids they walked around and seen all kinds of plants and bugs! New flowers and tadpoles they loved the Tadpoles!
We had a great day!! I don't think the weather could not have been any better foe this trip. We really needed a day outside and boy did we get it.  After we got home it was grab a snack and get Lacy ready for her first soft ball game. They played good before the the end we were winning 10 to 5 but the clock ran out and he put in a new pitcher home team gets to finish there bat and she walked them all! Poor kid game ended at 10-10 home team advantage they took the win! But Lacy first up to bat she hit and made it to first. She did get a run in to get a point for the team. and she plays 1st base!                                                          

Friday, April 20, 2012

 Lacy Started Softball and she did so good! So far I like her couch and her
team mates are great. We have already got her socks and guess what custom made softball pants here. Everything is made tailored here. So at least it will fit good. Know we are on a mission to get her some cleats! I cant wait to see them play there first game you bet I will have the video camera out. Her goal is to play first base lets see if she gets it! Wish her luck and keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sping is here!

Spring Is here we are seeing Flowers pop up everywhere! Trees are blooming some fantastic colors I will post more pic. I have to say it is a welcomed sight from all the grey ugly that is Korea! The weather is getting better I didn't even need a sweater today when we went out! Kids are staring to wear shorts they are super excited about that. We did find that Dakota has grown out of all his so I got him a new pair today. Lacy is doing well with her homeschooling! I'm excited to see if we get to go on some adventures now the weather is warm. We are all doing good missing the great AZ though ha ha who thought I would miss the desert! And my dog!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our trip today!

Train Station!

Spring is in the air some flowers that bloom on a tree here they are all over cant help but stop to take a pic. To the good part we went to Osan today to get me a pair of shoes and hit the library there because its way better then ours. It started out kind of crappy we took a Taxi from the apt to post so we could get on the bus well there were a ton of people there and the bus took of before we could even get our tickets grrrrrr! Then we took another Taxi after waiting 30 min for one to the walk in gate and took the 20 bus to AK station to get on the train well the train was not working so we waited and waited finally get on the train make it 2 stops then its down again we sat there for 30 min! Well we get of take another cab to Osan AFB and finally made it!
Got my shoes a birthday present for Dakotas friend that lives down stairs for his party tomorrow. Boys got a hair cut we got to the library. Then thanks to my mom for the Chili's Gift card we had a good dinner mmmmmm so good! Took a taxi back to the train station Justin was to lazy to walk hehehe but we made it home safe and sound yaaaa!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Day one
Well Sat. started out great Justin and Lacy went register for there 5k run. Me and Kota took are time leaving it was still a little cold no rush on our part! They started the race but they did not finish it didn't end well we will leave it at that! Then we waited in the cold for another hour thirty min. for the kids stuff to start me and Kota decided we were going to have fun if it killed us. They had bounce house things and he plated with a ninja turtle said Hi to the Easter Bunny and Lacy and Kota got to run through about 100 kids in the Easter egg hunt! They did pretty good I must say!

Day Two
Yaaaa the Easter Bunny came! They loved all the gifts from the Family and of course from the Easter Bunny! We hung around the house and waited for the next egg hunt at the Commissary! So we set out got pizza Lacy and Kotas favorite place. We still had time to kill so Kota got to spend his $20 shall we guess what he got. Lego's of course Buzz and Woody and some cool race boat ones he was so excited. Then off to the egg hunt! They didn't get much this time but they had prize strips in some eggs Lacy got a blow up Bunny Kota got a little art set all all they had fun! That's what is important!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Congrates to Dakota

Our big man made it through his online preschool and was so excited. He got his very first award for a good job. He has started his Kindergarten program and is doing so well no lower then a 80% on his quiz's at the end of each lesson. He is starting to learn how to read also I cant keep up with is appetite for learning. He is going to do so well in school Im hoping he sticks with it!

Lacy what a great day for her

She got her 26 mile award so proud of my girl! When she hits 50 she gets a shirt.Lacy and Justin are running a 5k on Sat. Lacy's first race I'm so excited for her.
The kids start softball and T ball soon. They are so excited if the wind would calm down we could go out side and play catch and work on there skills. I cant wait to see them play I will take video for all the family to see I bet I can email some of it! I wish we could do more but for now we are stuck home and Justin has to go to the field again for a week!
I hoping to send my brother a box of goodies I sure do miss him and think of him everyday. Justin said send him baby wipes he will thank me lol not many showers in Afghanistan. Dakota has an Easter egg hunt that day also and lots of kid activity's. One thing I can say the Army can do some great kid programs. Lets hope they keep it up!!