Monday, March 25, 2013

So much going on!

Well spring break is over had Justin's Mom and Dad come visit that was nice. The kids enjoyed it they were spoiled to death. And they help me keep them busy while they were off from school. :) So yes I am still sane. After they left we got a lil kitty she is so cute and her name is Diesel thanks to Justin.  So far the dog is super Jealous but doing better. Back to work for me today wiggly kids and indoor recess was not fun they got a little restless but sense we got a late snow its super cold again. Hopefully it will warm up and outside we go again yaaaaa. The kids start soccer this week I will be sitting in the car with the heater on its still to cold for me! Lacy has hers Wen. Dakota on Thur. so this week im busy soccer season starts then right after its softball and t-ball. We are hoping to come visit this summer!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Started my Job today

Got a job at the one of the schools on post. Its only a couple hours everyday but it will pay me. So I cant complain. Made it through the first day and still alive tomorrow I will be working with the special needs kids all day. That should be fun I hope I will do ok!
 Still waiting for warmer weather should be coming soon. I cant wait for the hot air urg done with the cold wind snow and rain ready for the hot sun. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

What is going on

     Well somethings have happened nothing to huge through. It snowed again and I took the kids sledding they had a great time Dakota popped up 3 feet in the air and did a face plant is was funny but he didn't think so. They are out of school for parent teacher conferences Dakotas is on Mon. but Lacy had hers. She is doing very well better then before Christmas her grades are c and above she did have D and a F but now she is rocking the good grades thanks to the teachers keeping me informed of what is going on. The school also has an app you can see if she did not turn in a assignment that day it keeps you very informed. So needless to say I am very proud of her doing so well.
     My classes have started the official stat day is Monday but you can get into them early I all ready have 2 weeks of home work done in my paralegal class my computer I have the first week done just need to take the quiz and my Communication class well I am working on it now. So I hope to stay ahead and get good grades. Keep your fingers crossed for me I may need it taking three classes what was I thinking.
     I also had an interview with the schools here I hope I get the job anything would help and I think I might like it. I would be home for the kids and still have time for school and the kids sports they are coming up soon. Still waiting for my CNA test date here they are really slow at getting you a date and getting back to you I thought AZ was bad but KS is worse.
     Had lunch yesterday with some of the people Justin works with they are really nice I enjoyed meeting them and talking to them. It is nice to be let in to that part of his world. As  a spouse you don't really get to much of a peek into what they do our who they work with unless they let you in. So it was a good lunch and it got me out of the house that was nice.
     Ok update on the weight loss  so far I have only lost 8 pounds but that is part my fault I was lacking on the gym part all the snow days they closed post alot this month but im back at the gym and trying to eat better so back to business. Need to look good in shorts this summer hehehe!