Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just another day!

Well we haven't done to much lately! Dakota has had play group and Lacy has had home school group and She just started the running club. We went to the super gym last night for her running club I did zumba a ran a mile. Justin worked out and Kota had fun in the playroom! It was snowing yesterday we had about 6 inches of snow on the ground! We took a Taxi home still snowing and 730 at night I'm so not walking back home! But hopefully this weekend we will be going north for a trip cant wait. The kids will be so excited!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Today was a great family day!

We had such a great day! We talked to family on skype wished Gma m dogg Happy Birthday! Then we hung around the house! After lunch we took the kids bowling it was kids free and we bowl for a dollar per game who can beat that! The kids had a blast and so did we. Dakota at one point ended up half way down the lane with the ball rolling toward him and smacked his head pretty good but he lived! But we had the best time so worth coming to have days like these!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

1-27-2012 another day!

We woke up to it snowing and the kids were so excited they wanted to go on the patio and play in it! They had fun catching snowflakes on there tongues! Lacy even caught one on her eyelashes she was so excited! Justin was at work and missed all the fun but he got to play in the snow too. It melted later that day the kids were bummed! It did warm and we walked to post with a duffel full of dirty laundry and on the way back home stopped of to play at the park there were some Korean kids there Kota was playing chase Its funny how the language barrier does not bother them! They had fun playing we went to go bowling but it was league night so disappointed so movie and ice cream and off to bed!

Here is a link to the kids playing in the snow they had so much fun and then the Crazy lady across the street was made so we took a video of her to. Here is the link lol


So we went to the market today! Very interesting stuff the first Picture is sweet snacks except the red ones there spicy and sweet my favorite so far. The next pic is some nasty fish but they like squid so slimy urg. The third one has raw fish in it the suace is spicy I don't think I want to try this one! The fourth one is a view down the market the table on the right is the sweets table she lets you try everything mm mmmm so good!The fifth picture is these balls they fry has some green stuff in the middle don't know what it is and don't care it is so good we bought a lot of those! Lacy even likes them! The lady in the sixth picture is the one who makes the puff balls that are so good they are there every market day and I love what they make next time I am going to try one of those cakes she is making! Not sure what kind a fish that is in the last one but they sure are ugly. The fruit is good and me and Lacy like going and looking at everything we will prob wonder out again today to see what else we might find! We are all well and miss everyone back home but enjoying our time here!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trip to Ak Plaza

So we took a trip to Osan Justin got a bike to ride back and forth on post! Then we took the 20 bus to Ak Plaza! Let just say the bus does not wait for you to sit down you get on the doors shut they leave if your sitting our not! So be quick about it lol.The plaza is a huge department store 9 stories of food and shopping there is even a bus station attached to it! We ate at McDonald for lunch the first pic is the view from there. And the burger is the Big Mac funny wrapper lol! The third pic is from the top of AK plaza! It was so cold we were running from warm place to warm place but we lived!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day two

The kids had fun making a snowman well a mini one. We ran around got some more stuff done. But no food the store was closed urg we had to eat out again we had Korean Mexican food lol it was ok but I prob would only go back if I had too! One good note kinda funny me and the kids took our first taxi ride and the taxi driver spoke no English and was taking us somewhere I had no clue a couple min later then we were on the right track and got home safe and sound!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 1 of Korea

So day 1 we got our stuff together and went to our apt we stayed in a hotel at Osan the first night. Ya we have a home! Its pretty cool our front door has a key pad no keys at all our building has a key pad lock also you cant get in if you don't live here! So that's kinda nice Lacy knows the key pad better then me! We got a call system at the door with a phone and a little monitor so we can see who is at our door before we open it. Its a ten min walk to the Post and its not bad we walk through the villa ( Its the Korean market shops restaurants and stuff) to the walk through gate. Then we hope on a bus that is free yaaaa that takes us around post! We did alot of running around paperwork paperwork paperwork! The only thing we could not do was get a food rash ion card! We got blankets in the villa and got some other house hold items that we definitely need at the PX! We will try food tomorrow and eat out again tonight!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So the Trip To Korea

Our trip was so long we made it with no prob. on the flight from AZ to Seattle WA. went really smooth. Got to the USO I have to say thanks to them for keeping us comfy while we waited from 11am to 0130 for us to get in line for Space A flight. My super troopers were so good sleeping anywhere they could and just plain being good. So we waited about an hour our more to find out if we got on our Space A flight. But we got our seats was so happy to get the tickets in hand. After that we had to walk to the farthest gate in the airport encouaging to very sleepy kids to keep walking was fun. A vending machine with pop tarts and Gatorade was our breakfast. Plane boarded late but we got on. They closed the door and then ta da plane issues so we sat in the plane for about 2 hours before they said we are good to go. The flight to Japan went off great kids slept and were good when awake that was the long part of the flight about 10 hours urg. We got of the plane there and waited for about an hour then back on the plane and sat waiting to be deiced there was about 4 feet of snow there. Kids and myself slept from Japan to Korea well I did as much as I could. We landed then in a room to to go through costumes not so bad picked up our bags and Justin was standing right there out the door the kids were so excited to see him and I have to say so was I!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Start of our very long trip to Korea!

Ok so my day started at 0300 this morning! Urg so early but had to get ready get the kids up put last minute things in the bags and say goodbye to the doggie! Get to the airport check in and be on our way! Well we got out the door on time had to make one stop by one set of grandparents they got one last goodbye and off we went. Well parked at the wrong gate had to walk all the way to the next one and it was a walk! Had to have one of those luggage carts way to much stuff! My mom and Vol (step dad) got to walk to the gate with us after dealing with a somewhat snotty Alaska airlines employee! They were a huge help! We got on the plane and made it to seattle! Have been here seems 1100 and will be getting up at 0300 to get our bags and be at the ticket counter at 0430! Hopefully we will get on the flight to Korea! I have to say the USO has been keeping us comfy till then can't thank them enough for all they do great volunteers! So keeping our fingers crossed we make it ok!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

fun fun fun

So time is getting close almost time to leave! 5 days and a wake up we are on your way to a new life in Korea. So much to do still have to say goodbye to my family and my friends I have been a Arizona girl all my life I'm really going to miss this place. But on one note I'm going to get to eat out allot this week lol. There is always something about getting together around food. Hello's goodbye's are all done at a table its kinda funny. But I'm going to miss everyone and probably get a little homesick.

Took my pup out for our last hick before we leave i hopefully will get another one in before we leave. It was nice he loves going out on the San Tan's. We ran into some coyote's that were licking there chops for him but we just turned in the other direction and they fallowed for a min out two then went on there way. Really didn't want to fight them off our try to butt other then that is was good.

Good note hubby got some free dishes from a battle so one less thing we have to buy. Ya for that!! Sorry for the one who gave them to us he got married and divorced in the 18 months he was in Korea not so fun but thank you for the dishes. Now if we could get more free stuff that would help pots and pans maybe!!!

Had some fun with the family this weekend brother-in-laws birthday so we all got together that was nice. Have some pic of the kids having fun!

I'm so going to miss family gatherings we are a big crazy fun bunch and I love getting together and having a good time I get to look in from the outside now! Sigh

Friday, January 6, 2012

Been a long day!

Poor Dakota is just not having any luck with the Dentist at all. After his second trip and last for a long time I hope! His lip started to swell and he could not even close his mouth. So we took trip to the er mind you we started the day off at 9am at the dentist and ended the day at 3pm in the ER. He got some steroid and benadryl and the swelling is going down slowly. It has only taken 5 hours for it look better but its looking a lot better so today is almost done and we have 7 more days till we leave for Korea!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Operation Move out of house Accomplished!

So we are out of the house storage pack to the brim door almost did not close had a fit with a box before it did. Keys left for the landlord! All the mail forwarded cable shut of trash canceled and I am done with that house ( with the military saying Hooah I did it)! It was an experience doing this alone. Granted I have been moving around my whole life. But never with two kids a dog and a MIA husband (so not his fault)! But let me tell you I handled it pretty well. I'm proud of myself for getting it done. Now Just tie up some more lose ends and we are all set to move to Korea! Still so excited I miss him so much! Our pup Tater was a huge issue we could not find a home for him while we are gone but my Mom and Vol who we so appreciate for taking our Tater for awhile! He is a member of our family even though I hate how much he sheds "urg" hair everywhere! Butt he is a good pup! Now for the photos of the day Dakota and Tater felt the pressure at the end of the day with all that moving going on and just could not keep there eyes open poor guys!

AHHHH so cute!