Thursday, July 26, 2012

Part two of our Space A Travel

So we are still stuck in Alaska trying to get home. Our flight once again is canceled so another day here. Lost my hotel room so another mom on the flight is sharing her room with us. So nice I'm hoping we can get on the last flight out of here till who knows when. please let us get on this flight.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Space A adventure

So we headed off to Osan to catch a flight to Seattle we did not make that flight to many people so we stayed and tried for a C5 flight to California. We made that one was so excited to get one but sad to leave Justin there in Korea. So we are off to our first stop Japan we ended with a lay over got to bed at midnight. Then off to the airport again lets just say the air force base in Yokota   has no shuttle no taxi you walking with our 6 duffel bags 3 backpacks a violin plus a small carry on bag. It was hot humid and a long walk. Ya we get back on the plane and head for Alaska where we get off the plane to refuel and guess what the plane breaks so here we are stuck till Fri here waiting for our flight at least we are back in the states. Lets hope our plane is ready on Fri. for us!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Boryeong Mud Festival

 We had a blast today! The kids a got to play in the Ocean and the big kids did to Justin and Tyrell! The mudd was slimy and it was cold but fun all the same! We took Tyerll to his first time to a beach he had a blast and even watched the kids so me and Justin could go on the mudd slides cant thank him enough! So glad we went even though it was cold and kinda rainy on the way there. I can say it was way cheaper then taking the tour bus from post. Next trip before we leave will be the DMZ.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Well are day's are getting shorter and shorter looks like we are going to the mud festival this weekend.with the company of Mr. Brown. Should be fun don't know if I will get any pic because of how dirty we will be but I will try! Also my tooth broke and I'm getting it fixed on Tues. till I get back to the states and get it fixed say hello to another root canal urg I hate them things. But it must be done I think I should become a dentist as money as I spend there I should have a share in the profits lol. Hubby is sick hoping he will feel better so we can go play in the mud and enjoy our last week together before we leave him. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

 So I'm super excited about going back to AZ. I miss my family but sooo gonna miss my hubby. Kinda a bitter sweet but on the plus side he will be back in Oct. Hoping that things go well and I can take some pic to make extra money why I'm back in AZ. My sister is having a baby so I cant wait to take new born photos of her baby girl. That is one thing I still need work on.Wondering what I will be doing why the kids are in school. I have never had that much free time sense having kids. Its going to be so wired and a little lonely. But on a good note I can visit my friends and see everybody. So we are thinking of leaving a week earlier. I have to say the Army came through this time we got our memo right on time. We also had a Sargent over for dinner last night had a good time very nice and yes he loved the cheese cake had to slices. Thanks to my Mother in law for the great recipe!  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So we are waiting on paperwork!

Well one thing I have learned from the Army its hurry up and wait...... on everything! We are hoping to get our Space A paperwork tomorrow. I will fall over if we get it. So that means if we do we will be heading back to AZ in Aug. My kids are so super excited to be going to see family again for them its been the longest time away. I was surprised at how well they have done both my kids have a great special with  a grandma. Sad to be leaving my hubby for two months but it is going to be worth the time with family and letting Lacy start school with all her old friends Jr high her she comes. It will be hard for her again to move and start a new school. But after almost a whole year of homeschooling she is so ready to go back to school. Dakota misses the cut off day for kindergarten by 4 days I am hoping a privet school will take him he also has done great homeschooling. But we will see 22 days till we start on our trip back hope we get on the plane!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Promoting myself today

So I'm promoting my Photography page. I'm hoping to take some business classes and also some more photo classes to learn the art of lighting and back drops. As Army wives we are told in many ways to find portable jobs. I see the reason behind it. Where we are moving my program is not offered so to pass the time I will work on my real dream!
I wrote my heading for my Facebook page and also hoping to build a web page for it! So here it is:   Pictures By Kristy M. has always been a dream of mine. My passion has been taking portraits.To be able to bring family's together, and preserve the memories in a portrait frozen in time. I would love to see you through my lens and create these memories for you.

 I'm so excited about it. I know there are lots of photographers out there I'm hoping to keep my prices more on the I can so afford that end I don't see charging people 20 bucks for a sheet of pic when it does not cost that much to print them. My goal is to give quality Pictures on a disk so they may print out what they want all they have to do is pay for the session and disk but still on the I am not draining your pocket side. I hope it works! Here is my site:

Saturday, July 7, 2012

What's that smell!

So I was sleeping peacefully this morning when my nose was assaulted by a smell so bad it woke me up! My goodness what is it with this country and its smells! I can't beleave these people cant smell this. Maybe they can but don't care! You can be walking though the streets and BAM there it is the smell something you have never in your life wanted to smell. So I did fall back asleep only to move and there it is again smackds me in the face! It finnaly went away but where did it come from I have no idea! Just glad it left please please never come back again.
   On a good note we are heading back to AZ early. We decided it would be best to get Lacy in school. So she could start her first year in Jr. High and be there for 3 months before we move again to Fort Riley. I hope she enjoys going back to all her old classmates should be good for her. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Firecracker run

 We did the 4th of July Firecracker run this morning. Every one did so good this morning! Lacy came in forth place almost got an award but missed it by 3 min. Dakota did good he walked ran and he got pushed in the stroller for just a tiny bit of the way but I made him push himself and he did it I'm so proud of him. Justin ran the 10 k and did great job him and Griffith aka fluffy made it back in one piece. Had a great time cheering every one on! The super heroes even came out and ran too Dakota could not pass up the opportunity to take a picture with all his favorites. I took Lacy 36 min 53 sec to finish and took me and Kota 43 min 25 sec!