Thursday, December 29, 2011

Moving day

Got lots done today thanks for the truck and trailer Dad. Also the help of my Cuz Wendy and of course my nephews Kyle and Cody Huge help Step dad even pitched in Thanks Vol! So just got some little stuff to do and clean it up. At my moms house for the next couple of weeks till the 14th When we leave. Could not sleep so I made my brother and his wife a video. No TV I get creative.

My brother's wife loved it so i guess it is a hit! That made my night after a rough day. I'm getting excited to move with my Hubby! Soon very Soon! Well it is my bed time good night all!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas was good!

We had a good Christmas was not the same with daddy on Skype but they liked they got to see him and so am I. He was really down this holiday being away for the first time. Made for not much conversation that was kinda depressing! We are still packing and the kids did not get much to open but I don't think they really noticed! That made me happy I find this year it's not how much you give it's what you give and that's love for. Person enough to leave everything and everyone behind just to get to kiss them and hold there hand! So I have learned something this Christmas and I hope my kids did to well at least Lacy! Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maybe our new home!

This is maybe going to be our new home! Its not so bad has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Real close to the post so we can walk there and back. That will help sense we will not have a car and walking is free. Justin said it has 2 balcony's and a roof top one also its on the top floor so we should get a view of what I don't know. There is a park about 5 min walking so that will come in handy! It has AC and they will have beds and washer in dryer in there for us. Its a nice looking apt. The kids and myself cant wait to see our soldier.. we miss him so much.....

24 days left till we leave!

So 24 days left getting closer. Dakota is doing good after the Dentist no pain and has not complained he has one more trip then he should be good. Lacy is all good on shots and teeth she is set. I have 2 more Dr. apt then I'm good also. Got my storage unit saved start filling that up this week. Had a yard sale Sat. and did good. It was crazy Ipulled up and sold all the furniture on the trailer before we even got the ties off! I have never had that happen before. Helped my Cuz move into her apt. and out of my house because we are leaving at the end of the month! Good thing it was a bottom floor apt and she don't have a lot of stuff. We did it ourselves all alone, yes we are strong. Had to put my mailbox back up so I can get my mail till we leave! Some girl riding a sand rail took them out she got messed up had to take her to the hospital ya for fast response emergency! Hope she is doing ok! So more to come heading to the ASU bowl game in Vegas tomorrow should be fun they better win if I'm going that far!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My big boy made it through!

My poor little man had a rough day at the dentist! It started out good he got his x-rays and let them look in his mouth was so brave. Then I got the bad news 8 cavity's on the top how does a 4 year old get that many. He brushes his teeth everyday just didn't get lucky I guess. So of to the kids dentist in Tempe were he was given the sleepy cocktail and laughing gas. He is a fighter and screamed "I want out" for about 40 min. Then he passed out, poor guy. Made it through some more x-rays 4 caps 4 fillings just fine. Bad news is he has more on the bottom to get done. So we get to do this all over again I'm so not looking forward to the second round! : (

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just another day of fun!

So we are still packing and our plans for a Yard Sale Sat. seem to compromised do to the rain. In Az you want rain but Sat. It better not freaking rain. Today we are getting teeth check ups before we leave. Dakota is getting his first check up! I wonder how this is going to go! Should be interesting. New update the Army will not let Justin get a Apt. Before we get there. We must be in country before we can sign the lease! So here is to a huge hotel bill when we get there was not looking forward to that at all! But as for everything else it seems to be going ok just please let it go smooth!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A new start!

Ok so this is our new adventure we are moving to South Korea! This will be a huge change for me and the kids. Justin is already there has been sense Oct 17th! He will be finding us a place to live while we wait to leave so it will be ready when we get there. Mean while we will be packing and getting things settled her in the states. This will be a huge change for all of us. I will not be working when we get there this will be a huge change for me. I actually like to work and have the extra income thats for sure. The kids are excited to see dad and im excited to be able to have a husband again instead of a man on the computer screen. Im kinda getting use to being alone so I think it will be a little wired to be together again! When he visited before he left for Korea it was a little wired. "Say Hello to the Army Wife Life" so I have been told! It will be alot of just me times sigh not my favorite part but I can do it! So as the time goes on Ill keep you updated wish me luck I have 34 days 14 hours 6min and 20sec hahahaha i have a ticker for this lol