Friday, February 15, 2013

Coffee with the honey!

Well valentines was good! Justin out did his self this year made it extra special! He may not bd romantic and all that but some times he just pulls the hart strings! We also got to go eat dinner alone very nice with no family around to take the kids once in awhile makes each time extra special! We have a hole day with no kids while they are at school! What will we. Do lol have a nice quit day!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Been MIA Sorry

Ok well to start no job yet sucky but still trying to find something and still waiting on my CNA test date here in Kansas they are taking forever. I have started taking a fit class it is kicking my but I think later toady I will need a cane to sit because my butt and legs are going to hurt! Trying to feel better about myself instead of sorry it is more invigorating. I decided to start school back so I am using MYCAA to do this so far so good got my program approved in Associates in science and paralegal start on the 4th of March I have 6 classes and I'm done still dreading that math class the most. Saving that one for very last so I can spend all my time trying to get through that one I despise math!!!!! I have volunteered to be the Funds Custdodion for the FRG and so far like it. 
In other happenings in the Marcham household  Justin got moved to Battalion so that is good he likes being outside but I think he will do great he always does. Lacy school grades are so much better I could not be prouder of her she has pulled all her grades up super mom beam right now of how proud I am. : )
Dakota is doing so well he is reading level 1 and some level 2 books math is great he just does well in school loves going so I hope he stays like that. He has got the bike riding down to an art now. Tater well he is still the same loves the dog park and now that it is getting warmer he loves his backyard!!

Here is a fabulous Kansas sunset!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Joys Of starting over

Well Starting over in a new place is not working out for me I had a job lined up and she gave it away. I was waiting to take my state test here I understand why but still disappointing. It seems like its going to be ok but its not. We have started to selling off things to make ends met. But are getting far behind. Disappointments keep piling up faster and faster. I am hoping I get a job soon our else we will have nothing left to sell the Army may pay him but what people thing we don't get much as far as pay its almost less then minimum wage we have a place to live but will we eat only time will tell. Job market I'm sure is bad every where it makes it harder when you are next to a huge university and they have all the jobs I'm getting so frustrated and depressed at not finding a job I have never had this much trouble in my life wish me luck I will need it!