Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lunch date

Had a great lunch date with the hubby. No Kids : )    It was nice and quit I love these kind of days started looking at housing in Kansas found out I can pre register for on post housing. They have a great web site really pleased with the info I am able to find on the post. I'm looking forward to the move a new place but in my own country. It makes a deference trust me!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sat Quit ............ and the Upset

Well today Justin played on his Unit softball team they got whopped bad. But he played good they need to  stop hitting fly balls. We took the kids to spilsh and splash for a bit it was get in free day! One of Justin Sargent gave the kids $10 for ice cream and soda lol sugar yaaa! Justin took the kids to Cruz house with him and I am having a nice quit afternoon it is so nice!  Been looking at schools in Kansas still not sure what to do! Should I know what I want to do by now some times I feel so lost when it comes to this. I know what makes me happy and I'm good at it but not sure if I can make a good living doing it. This is where i get lost. I still keep racking my brain what I should do and what I want to do. O well I guess it will come to me soon I hope.
Then this morning I read on a Facebook post someones bashing my brother. He is deployed and has suffered a brain injury. He has been in a confined to barracks status for awhile now. So the part that is disturbing me is the boys well some boys I'll call them this because at this present time I can not call them men. Have said in a not so nice way that he is a cowered and not worthy of there so called brotherhood. I am appalled at there behavior no soldier wants to leave there Unit in a time of need and neither there family's because they have too there fellow soldiers and there family's  back home. I just can not beleave there abandonment of there fellow man after he was injured. At this time he does not know weather he will go back to his unit our come home. At this point I would rather he come home if they are bashing on his integrity will they be there for him in a fight our a pivotal  time of need. I would hope so but it makes me wonder and that is scary!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Another great day of fitness for the kids! Dakota had a good T-ball practice he does very well they ran bases and played a game of catch he did so good. I'm a proud mom!

I also get to be double proud of my kids toady Lacy has finished 50 miles in running club! She got her Roadrunner shirt today something to be proud of. I have to thank all who put the club together for the kids and all there volunteer work. It helps them be physically fit and builds confidence! I hope our next station has programs like this.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Water Park day

Thank you Camp Humphrey for a great water park. Took the kids to the water park for some fun and some sun. We had a great kick back day. Lacy was of playing with some friends and diving going down water slides! Dakota and me ran around and played in the child's pool, splash pad and the cool looking water playground behind him. He even went down the big water slides. They let me catch him at the bottom pulse it was not deep so that helped. Kept my little white boy covered in sunblock and he did great I'm hopping to have him swimming by the end of the summer. Lets keep our fingers crossed he gets it. Lacy was my fish she picked it up super fast and never stopped. We may be going to the beach this weekend lets hope so.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Korean Dogs

Seoul Grand Park Zoo

 Seoul Grand Park Zoo

We had a great time! We took the train to the park two trains and about 1 hour our so we made it! Dakota was so excited he kept saying I'm so excited as soon as we got off the train jumping and being silly. First stand they got Ice cream and off we went. The place is huge. We walked around for about 5 hours and did not even see everything we will be going again! I think I will be packing a lunch next Lacy is not a fan of the food here! So it will be better and cheaper to just bring our own. So after a long day we decided to head to Seoul station and take the KT X train (express) well we learned get our tickets in the morning our a couple days before because if you don't you get stuck with standing room only. That means you stand anywhere on the train I mean anywhere! We ended up by the bathroom door for a bit and it was hot so we moved to the snack car it had AC still packed in sardines and an hour our so ride we made it yaaaaaa all alive! It was fun cant wait fro another great trip like this one even with the little set backs it was good!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our start to the ball was fun we waited for our bus to take us to Deagu mind you it is a 3 hour drive. So we waited and waited then found out our bus will be 45 min late yaa so organized! 

Ya the bus came this is pretty much Korea and those are apt that's pretty much all the housing they have here! Lots of rest stops there was even one there playing Korean music it kinda reminded me of one of those Mexican rouch coach playing music like the little stands on the corner made me laugh!  

We finally got there and was late because you know they were so well organized! We rushed to get ready and was locked out of the main hall for opening ceremony Justin was bummed.  But the funny lil baby's is what we first seen when entering the hall to the ball room. The cake was pretty cool so I thought I would share! Dinner was good a 4 piece meal we had soup salad chicken and veal mmmmm. cheese cake for dessert! They had some entertainment but by the time dancing was aloud I had to leave to pick up Dakota from camp walker sigh!!!
it was an ok night!