Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dakota loves preschool

Today Dakota started preschool on the computer home school style. Since we are here in Korea non- sponsored we don't have the option of starting him on Post. So I did the next best thing I got him signed up for A time4 learning the same one I have Lacy doing. Can I say he loves this program I had to tell him enough for today and pull him away from the computer. As beginner at home schooling this program is great for both my kids and the price is well with in my budget. Its so easy to fallow a lesson plan and keep there track of there progress and see what they need more help in! To say the least we give it 5 stars on the mom chart! Here is the link for anyone interested

Monday, February 27, 2012

Our first meal out!

We tried a place down the road from our house looked like it would be good. It was not bad prob wont ever go there again. They cook the meat on the table that was very good. The rice was great some of the other stuff was not so good. They defiantly have different taste then we do for sure. But I would love to try more places just so I can say if I like our don't like Korean food! Justin says he dont like it at all but Im not sure yet have to try everything once right!!!

Kids had fun on the roof and Lacy being silly with dads helmet!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Another weekend

Well good news we will be getting a car soon! I can't drive but Justin will be able too. He is so happy about that! The kids are good Lacy has a teen dance tonight she is kinda excited about going wants her hair done and putting something cute on. My baby girl is growing up :( sigh! We took another trip to AK plaza got my bus card loaded so now me and the kids can ride the bus with out Justin. Hopefully we don't get lost please don't let us get lost!!! Had some McDonald's they liked that! We found a playground for Dakota you pay 5ooo won he can play for 2 hours why you shop love it he had a blast. So we walked around and looked at stuff Koreans are very colorful they have very bright clothes! And of course no clothes that are tall enough for me our large in the bust sigh can't get a break in any country! But Justin is getting a suit made I have to hunt for a dress we have a ball to go to in May cant wait should be fun! Any way we are all good!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Killing time

So not much going on we went to the park! It was finally warm enough to go outside and let the kids play. We pretty much just sat around for Justin's 4 day weekend! Now he is back to work! We will be on our own pretty much this month he has field operations and combative training and more field operations. So me and the kids will be keeping our selves busy. So maybe we can find something fun to do! Had some Korean Choc Milk not exactly the same but still good. I also tried Kim chi and it is gross!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kids Had a great day!

The kids got out today after being cooped up for a couple day's from all of us getting s cold! We are all getting over. Today was home school group day So they learned about the Heart and what it does! They also did Valentine crafts and had a good time. We got our dryer today also yaaaa!
Our landlord came up also she speaks no English but she still try's to talk to me it is kinda funny I just nod and smile I think it makes her happy lol Even though I don't know what she says! But she loves the kids always patting them and telling them how handsome they are lol!