Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nothing going on!

Not much has happened besides it is so cold here you really cant do much outside. Me and the kids have some fun times playing the Xbox connect. I am not a big fan of video games but the connect is so much more fun. We were getting a work out so while its to cold outside the jumping and dancing and moving while playing the video games they got for Christmas has been a lifesaver here in this cold flat landscape they call Kansas. Justin did get a truck its an old dodge was not really excited but it is safer for the kids to ride in so that makes me happy! Not sure what we are going to do for New Years prob. nothing but stay home with the kids and ring in the New Year at home. I am still looking for work and hope something will pop up soon. Money is tight and bills are large so needing a break and a job that will pick up the slack in bills. Keep your fingers crossed for me I need it! Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

First Dr visit on post

I have to say I was not to sure about seeing the Dr on post. You go in and enter your info in and then you take a number. Sit and wait I really didn't wait to long so that was good. They called my number asked me what i needed I was like um I have an apt. Had me feel out a paper then wait to be called so I am sitting and waiting again. Only waited about  min they took me back nurse did her thing and 2 min later the Dr came in I was out of there in under an hour holly crap I don't think I felt that good about a DR apt in a long time I am  usually there for over an hour I like that got my running around down took the dog to the park and its only 12:45. I guess its time to clean the house! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

So things are coming together!

Things are looking better Hubby is back to work and feeling better but still week. It will get better in time. Got our internet set up ya reg internet I am so excited and its much better then the wireless and we don't have to watch how much we use what a pain when you are trying to look for jobs do school work. Anyway so excited for that and we went to our first FRG meeting the leader seems nice so that is good. I am going to get military permission to use my Photography on post to make money and start promoting myself . While I still look for a job to make some money we so need it the hunt continues.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So time to start the eating healthy

Things are going good Justin is feeling better we should find out tomorrow what was making him so sick! In the mean time we are trying to eat more healthy! I made fish tonight was not to sure about it! I have only made it one other time and it did not turn out so great! But thank you website I found a simple how can you mess that up recipe! And waalaa I have yummy fish next week ill be going to the gym!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lazy day

We have been being lazy all day just relaxing and enjoying each other! We got all excited to see on a weather app that it would snow but none yet! So we are keeping our fingers crossed there will be snow! Come on Kansas give us Az people some snow! We also got our tree up and the kids decorated its coming together!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

He is so much better

I have been MIA lately so sorry about that but with all that has been going on I am ok with it. My husband was sick fever chills throwing up headache. I had for days of taking him in and out of the ER with dehydration. Finally the 4th time worked they admitted him. They found he had viral meningitis. So 3 days go bye heavy fluids and antibiotics they said he would feel better but he was getting worse so I had just got back home from the hospital and getting the kids changed to take them up to see there dad and I get a call they called a rapid response on him. So then he was moved to Topika Hospital. An hour away so over whelmed I called his mom to see if she could come help she was on a plane  in less then two hours. What a help I left the kids with Griff my husbands battle buddy who has been a huge help cant thank him enough. And took the two hour drive to pick her up. Not how I wanted to go see Kansas City but o well. While he was in the new Hospital they found he had phenomena, step, and allergic reaction the antibiotics they gave him the first time. I watched for two weeks as he lost 30 pounds and not looking like he was going to get better. But yaaa he is home know we are still waiting to find out what was causing all the bacterial Infections but hopefully when we go see the Dr next week he will give us the answer we are hoping for! And now my daughter is running a fever and has a sore throat I can not catch a break wish us luck she will be better tomorrow!