Thursday, August 23, 2012

Planning a birthday party

Planning a kids birthday party on a low budget is no fun. I did find away around not paying the high prices of Peter Piper Pizza the 8 per kid package. You can reserve tables they put a hold on 30 buck on a card and if you are a no show they charge you but if you do show its canceled. You bring your own cake and Ice cream. But buy the pizza and they have great coupons for pizza so goodbye to the $100.00 kid part and say hello to the $40 kid party so much more in my budget I have to say and he will have a great 5th birthday!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


So off to Safford AZ I go to take care of my grandma for the weekend and give my Aunt a break. Me and Lacy headed of down the road. Man I love having a car again loving the freedom of I want to go some where I'm putting my but in the car and going. So anyway we heaed on the road we stopped at sonic for dinner big no no on my diet but it was good soooooo good. We just past the reservation about 10 min out and I looked in the review and seen this beautiful site so I had to pull over and take a couple pic. This is a AZ sunset it may be freaking hotter then Hell but we have some of the most fantastic sky's. We made to my grandmas in about 2 and half ours. So today I have been kicking her butt. In the chair for every meal and leg lifts teaching her to use her walker trying to get her strength up! Lucky I am a CNA and know my stuff lol! She went for the first time in about 3 weeks to sit on the porch but she made it and loved being out side. The one thing I can say about getting older is every one else gets older and its hard to see them struggle with their health. So get her all set for my Aunt to come back tomorrow and back home I go. Wish I could stay longer but kids are in school and I have to take care of my baby's.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One week done Operation wieght loss!

So I have made it through the first week!! Yaaaaaaa for me and there were a couple days I thought i would give up and eat that candy bar! But I made it and the total now is 3.4 pounds down! I can say its not alot but I like the scale going down instead of up. I'm loving the fresh fruit from Costco I have to say they have the best anywhere. The way my kids eat it its hard to keep in the fridge along with the veggies! They eat pretty good a granola bar is candy to them. So I am looking into Kickboxing classes to get me in shape and feel good.
     On another good note only 57 more days till my hubby is home. I know he cant wait to get her and even though we just left him I miss him all ready. Have been helping out with some sick family members while im back home. My sister has now got a leg that will always be without feeling and her pelvic area has got some feeling back but not much she can get around with a walker but she needs lots of support. My grandma has been sick and they cant find out why so I will be driving to go stay with her this weekend and give some family members a break I so hope she gets better.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Loving the apps

So I have to say the invention of the smart phone was a wonderful Idea. The apps we can download today. I can talk to my husband in so many ways why we are apart now it makes our marriage so much better to have the daily communication not like before when there was only the simple phone no texting and so on! We have Heywire, Viber, Voxer and Face time, skyp. All these wonderful inventions makes our lives more connected the kids get to interact and show off there school work and awards. As our youngest says show dad my star wars moves. I'm thankful for the progress of technology to make our family life just a little better.
       Day 3 of operation weight loss not doing to bad staying on track no cheating and feeling pretty good I cheated today and got on the scale big no no but I couldn't help myself looks like i might be down 3 pounds but you never know could change. Yes Im drinking plenty of water!! We will see what the first week results are on Tues. so excited!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Operation weight loss

Mission to lose 66 pound

I must lose this extra baggage to be a better moving and happy Wife and mother.  I started yesterday so far so good getting used to eating less food is hard my stomach  is yelling at me to feed it but my point system is telling me DON'T TOUCH THOSE DONUTS!!!! What to do ok I can do this walk away from the snacks go get a carrot and wait till lunch it is just around the corner find something to keep yourself busy. That's hard to do I need a job our a hobby lol Well I can work out for an hour a day and eat healthy I will keep you posted on my progress!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dakotas first day of school

So we have made it through a week back in the states things are going good. Lacy is settled in school and I'm happy to say loving it. She doesn't fight me on doing home work. She has even worked out a deal to earn money to go hang out with her friends im so not ready for teenage daughter I want her to be my little girl still. (sigh) But the good news Dakota started kindergarten and he loves it. The first day he went in just fine had a great time. Day two not so great start he had a little fit when I dropped him off. But Happy to say Day three went great he went right in and when I picked him up he said Hi mom I had a great day today. He was even happy to tell me he had PE today well he says its PT like daddy does he was so excited. Im loving my time alone but miss them all the same during the day.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

So did we make it home yes we did!

So we made it to Alaska and was stuck there for 3days urg I thought we would never come home. The last flight out was full before they got to our category. So thanks to an empty credit card by the in laws and some deals given by Delta airlines we made it home flying first class! First time for me and I can just say I loved it. So did the kids room to curl up and sleep and drinks and full dinner on real plates they were in heaven and so was I. Feels so good to be home in AZ. I can say another wife on the space A flight let us share her hotel room the last night the air show took up all the rooms so we would have had to pay almost 200 bucks off post plus a 20 dollar cab ride one way. So I thank her for letting us crash with her and her beautiful baby girl. here are some pic of us on our journey home!
Park in Alaska
Getting on the plane in Korea
air plane dinner
Waiting to see if we get on

Waiting for the cab King Dakota

Kids keeping busy at the Alaska terminal play room

First class Baby on our way home