Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ooooo so sick

So I was going along doing so well when I wake up at 2am with a fever what the heck sick again not cool. I tossed and turned finally about 4 and tried to move didn't work out so well. I was thinking great this is all I need while Justin is still gone at training super sick with the kids on a Sunday. Well the kids were amazing and took good care of me about 5 I decided I am going to the urgent care good thing I did apparently I had an infection and didn't know it. Got some meds and yaaaa now I am feeling so much better.
Good note we pick up Justin on Thur. super excited a whole month went by in a flash maybe not for him but for me it did. He is doing good and so ready to come home..
Got more school stuff taken care of if all goes well I will be done in the fall 2014 keep fingers crossed I make it online classes can be super tricky but working on it.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Birthday boy and Big news

Dakota had a great Birthday had some of his best friends come and enjoyed all the presents so thank you everyone. The Lego birthday was not easy to put together let me tell you finding things was difficult we needed to get creative so we made the plates and cupcakes. He loved it!!!!

So I got a new Job working full time at the school YAAAAAAA  just finished my first couple of days and catching on on homework now. I need a cape and lots of coffee right now Hubby is gone so I am juggling my work, kids, school and kids after school activates. I am tired but like always some has to put on the superman cape and keep going. Can't wait for him to come home not just to help out but because he is missed. So have to get back to school work.   

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Coupon day

So I did the coupon thing today only on stuff I know we use I'm not one of those crazy over coupon people but I got all this the total before savings was $61.75 I saved $29.73 and paid $32.02! Not bad for my first one!!