Sunday, April 28, 2013

Been so long!

Been to long sense my last post. A lot has been going on got a job working at a local school. Just a couple hours a day but it will work for now. Kids have been in soccer so I have been at the soccer field Mon. - Thur. every week. I passed my first class with an A and have two more to go. Been walking 3 times a week averaging 12 miles a week. I have been a busy girl we are hoping to go back to AZ if we can in July depending on funds. He put in for leave so he will be home no matter what but we would like to come home and see everyone we miss you all so very much. Justin goes to WLC in June so me and the kids are all by our self's for the month.  He is going to miss my Birthday again o well he can make it up later. (HE HE) So time to clean up dinner get the kids showered clothes put away and off to dreamland for me! Good night!!!