Friday, November 23, 2012


Well I have been busy unpacking and getting ready for Thanksgiving haven't  updated in awhile. Our dinner went good stuffing not as good as my dads but I will try again at Christmas. We sat around watched TV and had a great relaxing day. Besides hubby running a fever and Dakota have stomach  problems it was good. We so decided not to try the black Friday deals but we went this morning to see what was left. I got the Wii games we wanted and the jimmies for Dakota and found a Star Wars action figure pack for him with 8 of them in there for 25 bucks he is going to be so excited. Justin didn't even through a fit about. FYI he hates Star Wars but is getting better at not complaining that his son does. So far we have had a good holiday. Cant ask for much more these days just thankful I have my family and people to cook for lol

Thursday, November 15, 2012

calling and calling

So I have found out that if you want info you have to be a pester bug. I'm telling you nobody in the Army will call you back you have to bug the hell out of them to get anywhere. It can be very annoying at times and you never get a straight answer. On a good note today we will be getting Tater a fence installed wont be till next week but we will be getting it. That is another thing housing is really nice here cookie cutter but nice. I understand wanting regulation everything every fence is the same and have professionals put it in but holly crap they charge a lot for the fencing per month. It would almost make you rethink having a pet! Had lunch at school with my lil man today. Also Justin got to come that made it better for Dakota he was excited for us to be there. He could not stay in his chair. But it was a good day to say the least applied for 3 more Jobs today at the schools here on post I hope I get one that way I can be home with the kids before and after school.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We Got a table!

We got a Kitchen Table no more eating on the floor yaaa! We had to charge it booo not fun making another bill but needed to be done. We got some of our household goods yesterday came way quicker then we thought it would so that is a plus. Now just waiting on the TV that will prob take a lot longer.
We are settling in and the kids are getting a routine down almost back to normal! Took Tater for a walk this morning they have great walking, running, and bike trails here. We walked about a mile and a half he is now sleeping. Now time for me to get off here and look for a job wish me luck!  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Super Cold

Well almost done unpacking. Today was super cold no snow but so cold Dakota didn't want to play outside! He has been nonstop talking today um Im thinking they need to find some good indoor fun. For this winter our I will be going nuts. I hope they have some stuff for them to do! But we are all well. Justin got the wipers on his VW bug working today that will be a must this winter now how to put a heater in a 1962 bug. I say hahahahahaha I got a heater in my car! Well have a good night!  

Saturday, November 10, 2012

This is our new house at Fort riley

So im posting a link to my u tube video of our new house still putting it together so much fun unpacking! Will be super busy the next couple days so have fun this holiday weekend and be safe!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I think I might like it here!

So far so good we will be getting our house tomorrow! The kids are in school Dakotas is in walking distance from the house Lacy bus stop is on the side of our house! I am very happy about that!! Fort Riley is beautiful much better then I thought it would be! No it is not flat there are some hills no mountains i will miss my AZ mountains but im not feeling claustrophobic so that is good! Haven't meet anybody yet but I'm hoping when we get in the house we will meet some people. Tater is not liking being copped up in the hotel a lot but that will change soon as we get him a fence in the back yard! So all and all I think I'm going to like it here! Now I need a job!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Learning our new home

So we drove around yesterday getting to know where we live. This place is huge and so far very pretty lots of trees and parks for the kids. The dog park is not far from the house and we have the Exchange and commissary really close. Dakota school is soo close we will be walking to take him Lacy has to ride the bus! Our house looks nice from the outside haven't seen the inside yet. We will Fri cant wait. Dakota starts school tomorrow Lacy starts Wed. yaaa for me. Justin has a 4 day weekend that is so nice sense we will be moving in the house this Fri he will be home to unload the truck! Makes me feel better I am not trying to do it myself! Well almost bed time so I will update later!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Trip to Kansas

So we left early Morning Fri. Really early like I was up at 330 urg! Anyway we were on the road about 430. Things went pretty had to stop a couple of times for pee breaks and ones for lunch as Justin called it the Marcham roadside cafe because we brought sandwich stuff to save money and time. I have to say Tater our trusty pet was so good he was the perfect puppy being in the car for two days! We took turns with the kids So they did not have a chance to fight at all. We got to our Hotel in Santa Fe NM and ordered Pizza for dinner showered and all went to bed. We were on the road again at 430 yaaaa! One thing happened about 20 min on the road one of the tail lights popped of the car trailer and was hanging by the wires lol so a little wire and the wife fixed the light go girl power he he he! I have to say the ride went smooth. The kids and the pup were very good again the next day with no prob. But I have to say Kansas has a lot of little bitty towns every 10-20 miles very strange reminds me of those towns from scary movies like the ones you can go to but never leave kinda freaky lol but we made it to Fort Riley about 5:00 and got into the hotel. : )