Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trip to the 4-2

So we have not done much lately just regular o life stuff! But me and the kids went on a field trip with the home school group today we got to play in the Apache Helicopters and fly the simulator today! So first we got to go see and touch and climb on the Apache!

Then they got to go and try on the fly suit and helmets! They also got to go in a room with night vision goggles and find the glow sticks that you can only see with the goggles that was pretty cool. I even got to look throw them have to say it was diffidently cool!

They also got to fly the simulator! Dakota gave it a shot he touched every button and pulled every trigger. He crashed big time but he had fun shooting the bad guys with the big guns. Lacy did great she figured out how to use the stick and flew great! She even landed the perfectly maybe she will be a helicopter pilot when she gets older! What a great field trip it was!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coffee With the Ladys

I had a me day it was rather nice did have to take Dakota along but it was still fun! Went to a lil cafe well really a coffee shop in the villa close to our house. There I meet some more Army wives even meet one from Tuscon so that was nice. We drank coffee and BS foe about 2 hours it was nice talking to someone other then the kids! Will be going to the next Wen. meet up also! There is one thing I will say about Koreans they make some damn good coffee. They have more coffee places then any place I have ever seen. And it is good really good! The place I went to today I had what they call a Cafe Mocha TO DIE FOR it was so good it was even better then Starbucks no joke and I love Starbucks will be going there again very soon.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dakota and head injury 2

So Dakota is going for a record he has cut open his head again. Should have got a stitch put in but I think it will heal just fine looks much better today! SO how it happened! We were at the bus stop waiting for the bus there like lil huts with benches in them. Well he thought it would be fun to jump about 4 feet to me well he didn't make it fell backwards and hit his head on the bench busted it open he handled it much better this time though! poor kid!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Coex Aquarium

Kids and me had a great day went to the Coex Aquarium in Seoul! The trip was a lot of fun took about 1 hour 45 min to get there excited kids on a bus let me tell you they were bouncing off the walls. So we get there buses tell us when they are picking us be there our get left behind! So I was like cool everybody on the bus all went there own way I had no clue were to go so I was um were is this place well about 15 min later we found were to go. The kids loved it they had really nice viewing and we also got to see the sharks being feed. I cant beleave how active they were. After an hour and half we went for lunch McDonald's here we come this one was nice! Dakota was so happy they had fruit cups instead of fry's at this one and Lacy and him got an ice cream cone. We looked around the mall for a while then took another round in the Aquarium. After that we went outside and let them run around why we waited for the bus. Kota passed out on the way back yaaaaa! But we had a good day wish Justin could have gone but he had to work : (

Monday, March 5, 2012

Rain days

So far this week we have one day without rain so we went to the park! They love that spinning thing I get a workout just spinning them on it a hundred billion times. Not much contact with Justin phone does not really work where he is. Something about him going back to the Gas chamber I know he just loves that! Found a really good art project book for the kids and they enjoy the activities keeps them busy and me sane! Cant wait for our trip Fri. It will be nice to do something new and see a new place. It is so dirty here I just want to grab a rake and start cleaning. I just don't understand how some people think filth is ok! I may have been a messy kid but now it drives me nuts! Anyway I'm going to start bringing the video camera with me so you can see were we live nothing special that's for sure but its home till we leave!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

This week is hard Justin is gone out to the field. It was kinda funny watching him pack and stuff snacks in his bag because he says nothing but MRE all week yuck. But you never like saying see ya soon never goodbye! Goodbye is so final! So me and the kids are on our own. I hope to take a trip to Little Bears this week will see if we get lost (please o please don't let us get lost) but will see. If we finds it the kids well Dakota will love it any time they can get out of the house is a treat hear. Then on Fri we have the Coex Aquarium yaaaa something fun to do Im kinda getting bored here but Im hoping when it warms up a little we can do more! Well Ill keep ya posted!