Tuesday, December 24, 2013


       I have been MIA for awhile not on purpose! Been so busy with work and school the kids and running a household. I can honestly say I love it. Never thought I would be a good mom wife or anything else but I am doing it and I love my family. So it makes all the crazy worth while. A little late for what I am thankful for hey who cares right as long as you know what it is "I' am thankful for my family!"
       Christmas is tomorrow very exciting for our son. We have been tracking Santa on the NORAD site. Making him even more excited. For Lacy she is excited but its just not the same when they stop be leaving in Santa. I tell her Santa is still here in the hart to know that sometimes magic can happen even though it comes in forms not made of magical beings. I do know they miss the family around this time and so do I it can be very lonely being away at the holidays. I miss my crazy huge family.
But thanks to skype we will get to have them here via computer.
     On a good note Justin is back in school and I am almost finished I have 6 classes and I will be finished with my Associates in applied science and paralegal studies. You have no idea how excited I am to be finished and have a degree for all my hard work. Hopefully I will be able to get a internship this summer her in Junction city.
     So I leave you all with a message of have a Very Merry Christmas!!!