Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial day

We have had a great lazy day. Had some steak and been watching the history of the US Army very interesting stuff. But on Sat we took Dakota to his first Cub Scout volunteer outing he helped Junction City American legion bikers place flags on the graves of our Fallen soldiers some where dated back in the 1800's some just said fallen soldier with no name so very sad no name to the poor sole who is barred there. It was a good experience for me and Dakota. Justin was telling him to remember to always place the flag on the left it is the place of honer.  On Sun. we went to the PX carnival with the kids. There was not much their more game both then rides but the kids loved the tilt a whirl the best I think they rode it 12 times so the price of the wrist bands was worth it. Then we went to Aprils house to say goodbye to Stephani she is moving husband just retired 23 years of service she said she is terrified she was a life long Army Brat and this will be her first time in her life away from the military I wish her luck and will miss her. Well I hope everyone has a great day  and never forget the fallen the ones who have served and the ones still serving. Safe return of our good friend Tyrell over sees now we are always thinking of you. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

The perks for a military child

I have to say the Military do care about the kids. I have found out from other spouses that they have some pretty cool programs. The sports are great my kids just finished soccer and had a great time doing it ya it was a lot of days 4 days a week of practice. A game every Sat. the volunteer couches were great. Summer day camp for the kids at a not so bad price it would be much more in the civilian world. Today we went to the exchange with my sons report card and he got a coupon book for a bunch of free stuff. Haircuts subway, burger king, a free comic book and some others. Made him feel super special for getting advanced marks on his report card.
With all the programs they hold for our kids I cant really complain. I was always in sports dance and going going as a kid. I'm so happy my kids have the same chance to do all these things on our limited budget.