Saturday, June 30, 2012

Going to the movies

We'll we tried to go see Brave the new Disney movie. Drove all the way to Osan to take the kids to the movie. As we sat there waiting for the movie to start (it was 20 min late getting started)! The movie starts and the elc. went out! So we sat for another twenty min and then they said not coming back on and gave us movie tickets for another day! Kids were disappointed and me to I wanted to see it.Well we have to try and go when it gets here to Humphrey!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Korean Folk Village

     Korean Folk Village

Ok so we went on a trip with the youth program. People kept saying this place was so worth the trip. Well after getting in i soon realized it is just like any other village here in Korea the only cool thing it had was the performers. They did a good job. We did get to see how the Koreans flogged criminals    and tortured them. The pic of Dakota is him in the jail. They did have a carnival type area that you have to pay extra for but there is not much there. They had one place with almost American food. Do not get the burgers I think the place was called railroad hotdogs. The villages are more like museums with not alot to see but the buildings are cool. I say not so worth the money I spent to go there.

The bugs

Well my poor kids are getting eaten alive by bugs here in Korea. They have the highest flying biting bug population I have ever seen. Some I have never seen before and the bits are nasty a couple of them have bruised. So far I have found spraying off on them everyday and night keeps it down a little. We have to leave our windows open at night the bills are sky high if we run the AC more then 2 hours a day. Lets hope they go away my poor baby's are itching and bruising. Sigh  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hwaseong Fortress

               Hwaseong Fortress

What a great last min. trip. I planned it in about 10 min. We were getting ready to go on another one but I got the days wrong ooops. We are going on that trip the 25th of June. Anyway thanks to the Humphreys Happenings book I found a nice day trip. I so did not want to disappoint the kiddos that I woke up early.  So we headed to Suwon. Adventures await so  we got the bus to the AK Plaza then the train and yaaa I didn't get lost.
 I thought I would know were to go next nope I was lost on that but as I looked around there was a tourist office so we marched our butts right in the Lady spoke great English. She gave us a map and a paper that told us what bus to get on. What a big help I'm so glad it was there.
After all the great info away we went so easy to find. We found the the starting point the wall is built in the city so it is surrounded by building and houses it is a monument built hundred of years ago and the city just went up around it. We climbed about a Half mile of stairs but a little whining and we made it.  At the Top the kids got to ring the bell that started a reaction through the city in the old days there where 2 bells we seen one on the top of the mountain that they got to ring and the one at the bottom. We also went to the village also in the middle of the city at the bottom we walked down more stairs halfway the kids were ready for lunch so we stopped. After seeing the village that was amazing we went to the market way better then ours and Dakota was ready to go so back on the bus. We had a great day it was hot and we were tired but all had a great time!

Monday, June 4, 2012

 So me and the kids went for a walk after dinner had some fun taking pic! Well I took pic they ran around! We found a very pretty walking park with lots of trees and a little history. It was a place where there once lived a emperor but know that I am typing I can remember  his name I took the pic of the writing on the stone wall because I though tit was cool looking!

Love the rice fields hoping to get some better pic of those before we leave! So for all the family fallowing me on my Blog the pic of the kids hope you are enjoying this! Cant wait to come back to AZ ! Miss you all!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lacy Softball last day

Silly Girls
 What a great bunch of girls and a really good couch! They had a great season! They won there last two games and had fun doing it!
 We had a big part after the last game with both the Humphrey's teams. To celebrate what a great job they did! The couches BBQ I brought cheese cake! They had the girls play some games after wards and they got some great parting gifts. Lacy made some good friends and had a great time and is looking forward to playing softball in Kansas when we get there! Hope for a great team there!

Humphrey s girls softball